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Thinking about sharing your van? 

Every year, thousands of Australian van owners are earning up to $10,000+ by hiring out their caravans. With the average Australian owner only using their van four times a year, by sharing it is the perfect way to help cover your expenses and turn your van into a new source of income.

Ezyhire Caravans offers Managed Services where we do the hard work for you.  We manage the bookings, maintenance and cleaning of the vans between hires.  

We offer difference options for Managed Services. 

Standard Managed Service - Van available for bookings for the hirer to Tow or have delivered to a site of their choice and is also available to be used by the owner when not booked by a Hirer

Temporary Accommodation Program "At Home Program" - The van is hired for a minimum of 6 months for Temporary Accommodation known as the At Home Program providing accommodation for Flood Affected Families in the Northern NSW Region.  You van must be made available for a minimum period of 12 months to participate in this program.  Acceptance of your van is based on requirement of vans by Camplify.  Additional conditions apply.  Please contact us to discuss further. 

Temporary Accommodation Program - The van is made available for long term accommodation or Insurance Company Bookings for housing for their clients.  When not on long term hire, you have the option to have this listed for Standard Hire.

Ezyhire requires all owner to have Premium Membership with Camplify which covers the insurance of the van as reduces commission payable to Camplify.  For more information please go to Premium Membership :: Camplify 

We also require all owners who are on the Standard Managed Service or Temporary Accommodation Program (not including the "At Home Program" to have fitted at the owners cost a GPS (GPS Trackers – camplify) and ElecBreak System (Guide to caravan electric brakes :: Camplify

Ezyhire will outfit your van at cost to you with all items required for hiring the van.  This includes any hoses, electrical cords, tables, chairs, internal fitout (Kitchenware) required to hire the van.  We do not fitout the vans with any items breakable such as glass or ceramic for safety.  It is recommended to choose the Ezyhire outfitting as then there is consistancy thoughout the fleet, especially for return hirers as they get to know that all vans within the fleet will have the same items in each van.  This encourages repeate hiring or recommendation to friends to consider Ezyhrie to hire a Caravan.  

All van are fitted with Matress Protectors, Pillows and Pillow Protectors that are professionally laundered after every hire.  A professional cleaner attends to the interior cleaning of the van to ensure your van is presented to a high standard for all hires.

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